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Its My One Year Hysterversary Week!

This week, on the 31st, is the 1 year anniversary of my hysterectomy! To “celebrate” I want to share some stories about my hysterectomy- my IUD story, why I decided to have a hysterectomy, about adoption/not wanting kids, an in depth post about my hysterectomy on the 31st and the 8 weeks post op, and a final post about the past year.

When I announced last year that I would be having a hysterectomy, it brought up a lot of conversation, something that was definitely needed, and is still needed. Talking about women’s reproductive rights is still so taboo, which is partly why it took me so long to realize that things I was experiencing regarding my period wasn’t right.

I hope that these posts will help open up more conversations. There is no shame in talking about periods, exploring birth control options, talking about whether or not you want kids, or talking about vaginas. One of my goals in life is to help stigmatize all of this. My body and its functions (and malfunctions) shouldn’t be taboo, and neither should yours. The only way to change people’s perceptions about these things is to talk about them, so here I am, sharing my story.


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