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Fat at the Doctor’s

Being fat and going to the doctor can be a dreadful thing. It doesn’t matter if being overweight is due to a medical condition or not, some doctor, or doctors, will refuse treatment due to weight. This has happened to me on numerous occasions. And I’m not talking about surgery as a treatment, it can be something as little as a sinus infection in need of antibiotics. For a fat person at the doctor, it can be hard to be treated fairly, to have whatever symptom you’re having truly looked into.

At the health clinic I used to go to, my weight was a topic of discussion at every appointment for many years. There was one doctor I would see and every time I went to see her, she’d get on my case about losing weight. Sinus infection? Lose weight. Bad period cramps? Lose weight. Sprained ankle? Lose weight. Migraines? Lose weight. And my main doctor there was no better. She decided that I should start doing 30 stomach crunches 3 times a day…that would certainly help me lose weight! I don’t know of anyone who has lost weight just from doing 90 stomach crunches a day. But she was insistent. Every time I went, every time I weighed in at the same weight as before, she’d get on about how I need to be doing those stomach crunches.

About three or so years ago I went to a new gastroenterologist. I was having Diverticulitis symptoms and needed to get things checked out. I have always had a tough time with GI doctors taking me seriously due to my weight. This one was no different. As soon as I mentioned that I have PCOS he went on a rampage! He told me that PCOS is just an excuse for women to be fat and lazy. He told me to get off of the couch, stop eating french fries and candy bars, and stop using PCOS as an excuse because if I don’t change my habits, I will never make it to 50. My endocrinologist assured me that he was most definitely a jerk and to not listen to him. I ended up going without treatment for my stomach because this guy decided that I’m fat, lazy, and did it to myself.

Fast forward to two weeks ago. I went to go see my new GI doctor. He’s been my GI doc for a bit over two years, and he was VERY nice at first, but lately, his attitude towards me has been changing. The last 5 appointments I have had with him have all been about changing my eating habits. Nothing to help my stomach. I keep going to him for Gastroparesis help but he won’t even order the proper test for it. This last appointment was my breaking point. He told me to eat a low fat, veggie filled, fiber filled diet. I had been vegan for 3 months at that appointment. I get about 30-35 grams of fiber a day. And I only use healthy fats. But, much like the other GI doc, he’s assuming things solely on my weight. I can clearly see that the fact that I’ve maintained my weight these past couple of years is bothering him. Every time I see him, the anger he has at my weight grows. I need to find another GI doc again because I NEED this test done. I NEED better treatment for this Gastroparesis.

There have been so many doctors over the years that have refused to help me because of my weight. It shouldn’t matter what a person’s weight is or why they are that weight, they still deserve proper medical care.


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