Trans Siberian Orchestra

If you’ve never heard of the Trans Siberian Orchestra, or if you’ve never heard their music, think classical meets rock. Like, Johann Sebastian Bach meets Sebastian Bach of Skid Row. Maybe not exactly like that, but I’m hoping it gives you a clear enough picture. Maybe you should just open up Youtube and look up Trans Siberian Orchestra, that would be a lot easier.

Anyways, last year my family and I decided that we wanted to start going to the Trans Siberian Orchestra as a family Christmas present instead of doing all the things we usually do for Christmas. It certainly makes things a lot more easier. One of my favorite parts is that we dress up all fancy, like we’re going to the opera. I love to dress up any chance I get.

Last year was my first time seeing them ever, and I was blown away! How could I not be?! There’s music, lights, dancers, screen graphics. The show can be heard, seen, and felt. Their Christmas show last year and this year was the Ghosts of Christmas Eve, this year it was done in memory of founder Paul O’Neill and Bassist David Z, both passed away earlier this year. Seeing the same show again did not disappoint. It was like seeing it again for the first time! Then again, I would be perfectly content if all they did was preform Carol of the Bells for two hours straight.

We sit up in a higher section near the back, what most people call the “cheap seats” but I think it is the best way to see them. You get to see the whole stage, as well as the stage that comes down from the ceiling.

The one thing I would change, well, not change, more like add, is and ASL interpreter. During the first half of the show, a story is told between the songs. Not having access to that is kind of a bummer. Other than that, the show is absolutely perfect.

Seeing the Trans Siberian Orchestra is a fabulous way to start the Christmas season, a tradition I would love to keep as long as they continue to come around here.

Carol of the Bells


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