ehlers danlos syndrome · meniscus tear

Meniscus Update #1

Yesterday I went to see my primary care to talk about my torn meniscus. When looking through my records, she saw that my orthopedist never saw my MRI results and that my cardiologist closed it out. I don’t know why my cardiologist even looked at it, he had no business being in that file. But, because the results were closed out before my orthopedist knew they were in, he had no idea they were done. 

Sunday night, my leg gave out, and my primary care thinks I damaged things more. She also thinks that I keep spraining my ankle. She didn’t touch my leg or check it out, which I don’t blame her for. She did write a note to my orthopedist and re-opened my MRI. I called the orthopedist’s office today and told them what’s going on, and they were able to find an opening next Friday.

Until then, I have my leg in a stabilizer to give it rest, I’m also digging out my crutches so that I can keep weight off of it as much as possible. Its the best that can be done for now.


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