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Turning to Oils

I have a confession to make... I've started using essential oils! I've never been one to hop on bandwagons, but I've made the leap and hopped right on up to this one. I have to admit, when I was first approached by a friend about Young Living Essential Oils about a year ago, I was… Continue reading Turning to Oils

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Fat at the Doctor’s

Being fat and going to the doctor can be a dreadful thing. It doesn't matter if being overweight is due to a medical condition or not, some doctor, or doctors, will refuse treatment due to weight. This has happened to me on numerous occasions. And I'm not talking about surgery as a treatment, it can… Continue reading Fat at the Doctor’s

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When “Tired” Doesn’t Explain It

One of the most difficult things about having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is trying to describe to others what it is like. Many times I just say I'm tired, but tired doesn't properly explain it. Chronic Fatigue is more than being tired all of the time. Tired can be cured by a nap or a good… Continue reading When “Tired” Doesn’t Explain It

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Hysterectomy Recovery: 8 Weeks-1 Year Post Op

In October, about 7 weeks post op, I got my EDS diagnosis! It has been really helpful because now doctors kind of know what do to with me now and can make better decisions. I got a third UTI shortly after the second, and my PCP put me on antibiotics. It was the same antibiotic… Continue reading Hysterectomy Recovery: 8 Weeks-1 Year Post Op

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Hysterectomy Recovery: Day 1- Week 8 Post-Op

(Warning, contains some graphic writing about post op recovery) Before I left the hospital, I was given a list of instructions. No driving or working for 6 weeks, no lifting over 10 pounds, no baths, no exercising except for walking, nothing inserted in the vagina, not tampons (I really want to know who the heck… Continue reading Hysterectomy Recovery: Day 1- Week 8 Post-Op

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Pre-Op, Surgery, and Post Op

(contains some graphic written content about surgical procedure) Pre-Op I had two pre-op appointments. One was with my gynecologist about a week or so before surgery, and the other was with a surgical nurse three or so days before surgery. For the pre-op with my gynecologist, I made sure to bring a list of questions,… Continue reading Pre-Op, Surgery, and Post Op