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Meniscus Update #1

Yesterday I went to see my primary care to talk about my torn meniscus. When looking through my records, she saw that my orthopedist never saw my MRI results and that my cardiologist closed it out. I don't know why my cardiologist even looked at it, he had no business being in that file. But,… Continue reading Meniscus Update #1


When Doctors Don’t Tell You Results

There have been a handful of times that I have had tests done and found out the results through other means, not from the doctor ordering the test. Some have been minor, while others, like failing to mention my hearing loss at 10 years old, have been major. Its been a while since I've had to… Continue reading When Doctors Don’t Tell You Results

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Having A Chronic Illness/Disability Isn’t Cheap

It seems to be a common misconception that people on government assistance have so much money. Like me for example. I'm on Medicare, Medicaid, and SSDI. That means I'm rich, right? Wrong. So, so, so wrong. While I am thankful that I don't have medical bills to pay, I still have copays and things that… Continue reading Having A Chronic Illness/Disability Isn’t Cheap

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When “Tired” Doesn’t Explain It

One of the most difficult things about having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is trying to describe to others what it is like. Many times I just say I'm tired, but tired doesn't properly explain it. Chronic Fatigue is more than being tired all of the time. Tired can be cured by a nap or a good… Continue reading When “Tired” Doesn’t Explain It